The Carr Astronautics Advantage

Carr Astronautics' services and past performance span the full project lifecycle. We build success with science excellence and innovative engineering.

Our technical staff, which consists of engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and IT professionals, brings the right skills and knowledge to excel at systems engineering and development on the most challenging missions. Our management team applies industry standard project management and process improvement methodologies to drive projects to deliver on-time and on-budget.

These processes and people get remarkable results: higher science value, progressive forward-leaning technology, innovative solutions, and successful programs. With a collective 400 years of science mission experience, our skilled staff has experience working across the entire program lifecycle:

  • Pre-Phase A Concept Studies
  • Phase A Concept & Technology Development
  • Phase B Preliminary Design & Technology Completion
  • Phase C Final Design & Fabrication
  • Phase D System Assembly, Integration & Test, Launch
  • Phase E Operations and Sustainment

Science and Mission Services

Carr Astronautics provides award-winning science and mission services to numerous domestic and international Earth and Space Science missions. We are Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators on SBIR and NSF-funded grant programs. We provide industry-leading science support, science systems design and development, mission engineering and operations, and data engineering services.

Science Data Analysis:

  • Algorithm Development
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Error Analysis

Mission Support:

  • Operations Planning and Procedures
  • Anomaly Investigation and Resolution
  • Photons-to-Products
  • Data Systems Studies, including next generations earth science data systems

Spacecraft and Instrument Development:

  • High Precision Orbits and Force Models
  • Weather Instrumentation
  • Science Instrument Concepts and Development

Systems and Software Development

Our teams of professional engineers and scientists develop high-quality, cost efficient, end-to-end solutions for our customers. Carr Astronautics works closely with a client to understand specific goals, developing comprehensive business and technical approaches tailored to meet their specific needs. Our project management capabilities implement industry best practices and standards.

Full Lifecycle Systems Engineering and Development:

  • Requirements Development & Management
  • Interface Development & Management Concept of Operations
  • Mission & System Architecture
  • Trade & Advanced Studies
  • Preliminary Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • Design & Engineering Analysis
  • Risk Management & Cost Model
  • System Verification/Validation

Software Engineering and Design:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Data Visualization
  • Large Scale Data Processing and Distribution Systems
  • Ground System Communication Interfaces
  • Automated Testing and Test Data Generation

Project Management:

  • PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) managers
  • Managed processes using the CMMI framework
  • Earned Value Management
  • Metrics-driven status reporting

Aerial Imaging Services

Carr Astronautics is a key member of the FalconScan consortium. FalconScan delivers high resolution imagery using a general aviation camera and avionics payload, backed by an innovative software map generation system. This centimeter-scale imagery can be used in a variety of agricultural, legal, and security applications, in lieu of more expensive, less-detailed satellite imagery.

For more information about the aerial imaging services we offer, please visit the FalconScan website.

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