Current Projects

Carr Astronautics' work spans geographic and industry boundaries. Our client base is located within the US and around the world. With significant accomplishments in government, commercial and research endeavors, our systems are truly Science at Work.


Carr Astronautics is a key member of the NOAA GOES-R ground system team. GOES-R is the United States’ next-generation geostationary orbiting weather satellite, and it provides revolutionary new earth and solar imaging capabilities to the scientific and operational weather communities.

Our deep expertise in Image Navigation and Registration (INR) provides our customer with a very reliable, highly accurate method of doing geolocation and measuring pointing accuracy. We are the lead developer on the Product Monitoring software that receives and processes Level-1 data from the GOES-R satellite, and are key members of the product generation and data operations teams. We have been involved in the full Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from concept development to operations.


Carr Astronautics engineers ported 250K+ lines of code of the legacy Orbit and Attitude Tracking System (OATS), originally authored by some of our staff, to enable it to run in a new virtualized enterprise environment. Our experts are conducting system and integration level testing in factory and at site.


Carr Astronautics is a key contributor to the NASA Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) program, which is a hosted payload mission. TEMPO will measure atmospheric pollution covering most of North America, and will create a valuable new dataset to enable greater understanding of atmospheric chemistry and air quality monitoring. In conjunction with our teammates at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, we are developing a patented new system for managing INR on hosted payloads, and providing expert advice on mission science and systems engineering issues.


Carr Astronautics powers the technology behind FalconScan. FalconScan delivers high-resolution imagery from aircraft with a low-cost optical payload, backed by innovative cloud-based software. This centimeter-scale imagery can be used in a variety of agricultural, legal, and security applications, in lieu of more expensive, lower resolution satellite imagery. Carr Astronautics developed the mosaic-stitching and 3D visualization software for the processing of FalconScan imagery, as well as the guidance software (Linux and Android) for use by the pilot in a manned aircraft scenario. We are currently developing the payload control software for the next-generation FalconScan payload designed for UAVs.


Carr Astronautics has won Phase I and Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants from NOAA and the Missile Defense Agency. The NOAA SBIR grant was given to develop a system to display satellite imagery from NOAA satellites in a way that is accessible not only to the scientific community but decision makers and the general public. In Phase I, Carr Astronautics conducted user and stakeholder research in order to determine high level requirements then built a proof of concept for the display. In Phase II, which is currently in progress, Carr Astronautics is developing a fully functional Earth imaging product—EarthObserver—that will be customized to meet the needs of the National Weather Service and be displayed on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Legacy Projects

GOES NOP Series – Image Navigation and Registration System

GOES I-M Series - Ground System and Extended Life Mission Capability (XGOHI)

Meteosat - Image Navigation and Registration System for Second and Third Generations

Korean COMS - IV&V