President's Message

A message from Jim Carr, President and CEO of Carr Astronautics Corporation:

At Carr Astronautics Corporation we grow ideas and people. Since its beginnings, Carr Astronautics has delivered quality services to our customers and we've been rewarded with many opportunities to apply our scientific and engineering expertise to challenging problems. Our scientific contributions to US and international weather satellite programs have earned Carr Astronautics recognition and opportunities for growth.

For many years, I worked side-by-side with several outstanding scientists, maintaining a small “boutique” consulting practice. We had the opportunity to expand the company in 2008 by assuming a major role in the GOES-R weather satellite program, and opened a corporate headquarters in Maryland. We are proud of our contributions to major engineering and scientific endeavors, which have advanced the nation’s, actually the world's, ability to forecast weather. We are not just doing engineering and supporting science, our work makes a difference in the lives of everyday people as we are continuously reminded after every hurricane and tornado.

Carr Astronautics will continue its success because our associates possess a deep commitment to our company's mission. Each and every one of us is personally committed to delivering on our word, despite the hurdles we must jump as a rapidly growing company. We've invested in our future, our customers and our mission. Our work environment enables the collaboration needed to bring together the minds of many talented people, our investments in learning and knowledge sharing are the cornerstone of the team-based atmosphere we've worked to create, and we strive every day to have fun with what we do, to bring balance between family lives and work lives, and to act at all times as an ethical company.

To our customers, we pledge exceptional value, scientific and engineering excellence, innovation, commitment to supporting your approach to doing business and working together to resolve problems. We seek partnership, we are open to mentoring as we grow from a small to mid-size company, and we will work to gain further opportunities to team with you on many more projects to come.

I hope you find our website informative and will come for many more visits!