Current Openings

FPGA Designers

We are searching for FPGA design engineers at all levels to work at the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center outside Washington, D.C. Successful candidates would have the opportunity to work on exciting space missions, including a next generation space telescope that will explore the origins of the universe and search for extra-solar planets, return visits to the moon, robotic systems to explore the solar system, and advanced systems to gather environmental data about planet Earth. Skills sought should relate to digital design for data handling and interfaces to camera systems and processors. Experience working with Microsemi devices preferred. Experience with hardware that works in radiation environments is a plus. Expected education level is a B.S. in EE or Computer Engineering. U.S. citizenship or Permanent Residency (Green Card) is required.

Junior Computer Engineer/EE/Comp Sci

We are looking for a recent graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering, EE, or Comp Sci to join a team pioneering the development of applications for hybrid CPU-FPGA reconfigurable computers to fly in space and to realize digital designs including FPGAs for exciting next-generation NASA missions. A solid education in digital design is required with at least some exposure to FPGAs. We will provide advanced training and on-the-job learning opportunities for advance skills. Expected education level is a B.S. U.S. citizenship or Permanent Residency (Green Card) is required.

Senior Integration & Test Engineer


• Provide engineering support for the Integration and Test (I&T) of a high profile NASA project’s Avionics subsystem.
• Responsible for testing of various flight and non-flight hardware including: instruments; payloads; spacecraft components and subsystems, and integration onto the spacecraft.
• Support development and execution of comprehensive procedures that verify all physical and functional instrument/payload/spacecraft interface requirements.
• Execute test scripts and procedures that verify compliance and performance of spacecraft systems.
• Demonstrate experience with Telemetry and Control systems for spacecraft and instruments, specifically ITOS.
• Support I&T and environmental testing shifts which requires schedule flexibility (nights and weekends) and support of some 24x7 testing.
• Work with engineers and technicians to develop hardware assembly procedures.
• Familiar with DC electrical power supplies, basic electrical circuits, and shall review and run assembly and test procedures.
• Supervise assembly and test procedures executed by other technicians.
• Support I&T meetings to determine or resolve issues related to integration and testing.
• The candidate must be able to work well with others in a team environment. The candidate must have good communications skills and keep the customer and management team informed on work status.
• The candidate will be required to follow all applicable GSFC documents for compliance with quality and safety directives.

Basic Qualifications:

• Bachelor of Science degree, or equivalent education and/or experience in electrical test and integration of aerospace. 15 years or greater of relevant work experience in aerospace industry with concentration in working with spaceflight hardware will be considered to meet equivalent education requirements.
• 2 years or more of integration and test experience, specifically with spaceflight hardware.
• Experience with telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) systems such as ITOS, ASIST or Eclipse preferred.
• Experience working on NASA GSFC in-house spacecraft or in-house payload/instrument assembly, integration and test programs is preferred.
• Must have an understanding of space flight hardware and electronic systems, experience with space systems environmental testing, and with ground and test systems and software.
• Clean room familiarity and training
• Familiarity with NASA GSFC I&T work flows and experience with Work Order Authorization (WOAs) is desired.
• Excellent organizational, leadership, and verbal and written communication skills.
• Must be a US citizen with ability to pass a Government background investigation.